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Self-portrait Invited to National Show and Published

​​My rendition of the "mad god," Dionysus, in the form of a self-portrait feasting on the blood of pomegranates was selected from a pair of submissions. I call it "Insipientiam somber," or "Somber Madness." It is a special honor to be among the elite of the medium that compete for the highest award, the Skyledge, this year received by Dean Mitchell for his "Buffalo Soldier." There are 22 total designations that are presented at the private reception on June 10th. They host one show a year, their members show, where around 10% of the applicants are invited. There are 79 works present in the 40th annual juried exhibition that was selected by jurors Frank Eber and Keiko Tanabe.

Formally known as the Midwest Watercolor Society, whose home is stationed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Transparent Watercolor Society of America is one of three national groups in the United States, along with the American and National Watercolor Societies. During the three month duration of the show, there are various other events open to the public including three guided gallery walks, a pair of workshops from the jurors, and dinner:

05.07 - Exhibition Opens

05.22 - Gallery Walk with Catherine Nash

06.05 - Gallery Walk with Lenox Wallace

06.06 - 10 - Workshop; Frank Eber, Keiko Tanabe

06.11 - Celebrate Watercolor Dinner

06.12 - 18 - Workshop; Frank Eber, Keiko Tanabe

06.17 - Gallery Walk with Jill Witty

07.07 - Exhibition Closes

The show is open to the public and located in a beautiful stretch of shoreline at the Kenosha Public Museum, 5500 1st AVE. Along with my piece being displayed, it was also published in their catalogue of all accepted pieces issued to all members, but available for purchase later in the year or on site.

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